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Visa Infinite

With Visa Infinite plastic card impossible becomes possible.
Visa Infinite plastic card combines a universe of opportunity with complete security. It allows not only withdrawing money and making payments both in RA and abroad, but also makes unique offers and services accessible 24 hours a day worldwide. The card has special privileges whether you travel, shop, dine, go in for sports, listen to music or enjoy other services. It emphasizes your special status.

Visa Infinite privileges:

  • Global Customer Assistance Service (GCAS): This service includes emergency cash disbursement, emergency lost/damaged card replacement abroad and other services.
  • Warranty extension: This service is effective for the warranties issued for more than a year. It covers repair costs, costs of exchange of the goods of the same model at the same price, if repair costs exceed the value of the goods. If it is impossible either to repair or exchange the goods, the reimbursement equal to the value of the goods will be made. 
  • Purchase insurance: Goods purchased by Visa Infinite plastic card are insured for 90 days starting the date of purchase. If the goods have other warranties, the present insurance will cover only the amounts not reimbursed under other warranties. 
  • Complete travel insurance: The service includes the insurance of hindrance on traveling, as well as return, lost luggage or amount, and inaction insurance. 
  • «Health insurance of Nairi Insurance ILLC under the package “Affordable”: Visa Infinite cardholders are provided with package “Affordable” at AMD 50.000, except for the cases of free card service.
  • Bank safe deposit boxes: . Cardholders are provided with small safe deposit boxes free of charge, medium and large safe deposit boxes are provided at 10% dicount of the rates applicable at Bank. 

ARARATBANK Concierge Service is provided to Visa Infinite cardholders free of charge. 


  • SMS messages

    Free of charge

  • Annual service fee

    AMD 100,000

  • Currency


Service fees



Card issue

Free of charge

Annual service fee 

AMD 100,000

Card issuance at the Bank’s head office within a banking day AMD 5,000
Annual card service fee for foreign citizen AMD 100,000
Linked card annual service fee for foreign citizen AMD 70,000
Required balance
Account statement Free of charge
Current month’s account statement Free of charge
Annual service fee of linked card AMD 70,000
Issue of a new card, in case of loss, damage of the card and PIN code AMD 20,000
Cash withdrawal from ATMs of ARARATBANK OJSC
Cash withdrawal from cash withdrawal points of ArCa system
Cash withdrawal abroad, also from ATMs of VTB Armenia 2% min AMD 2000
Cash withdrawal from ARARATBANK cash desk without card use In AMD - 1%, USD - 2%,EUR - 2%, RUB - 1%, GBP - 0%
Cash withdrawal from ARARATBANK cash desk via POS terminal***  In AMD - 0%, USD - 2%, RUB – 0%, EUR - 2%, GBP - 0%
Non-cash  transactions Free of charge
Annual interest accrued over the positive balance of card account AMD 0%
Number of daily cash withdrawal transactions 30
Total maximum amount of cash withdrawal transactions permissible within one day AMD 4.000.000
USD 10.000
EUR 5.000
RUB 350.000
GBP 6.000
UAE dirham 37․000
Total maximum amount of one transaction AMD 4.000.000
USD 9.000
EUR 4.000
RUB 300.000
GBP 5.000
UAE dirham 37․000
Total maximum amount of transactions permissible within one day AMD 8.000.000
USD 40.000
EUR 30.000
RUB 700.000
GBP 15.000
UAE dirham 74․000
Commission fee charged for card-to-card remittances 0.3%
Card blocking and placement in Card Recovery Bulletin system (Card will be blocked on the forthcoming Saturday, blocking is valid during 2 weeks)  AMD 15.000 
Card unblocking  Free of charge
Cash-in ATMs of ArCa system AMD 0.80%
Cash crediting to the card account 0%
SMS messages on executed transactions Free of charge
SMS message for the purpose of executing internet transactions with 3D Secure system
Free of charge
SMS message provided via USSD service Free of charge
  The issued plastic card and the card account shall be active from the moment the card has been issued

* including VAT

**Maximum daily limit of free cash deposit made in Russian rubles to card account is RUB 30,000. RUB-denominated deposit fee set by the Dealing Center is applied to card account deposits exceeding RUB 30,000 within a given day.
*** Cash withdrawal fee (regardless of currency) from the Bank’s cash desk via POS terminal by means of payment cards issued by other banks - 3%.

****Please be informed that in ARARATBANK customer service points (including the online platform), in addition to fees charged for transfers, Acquiring Bank commission is also applied, which is charged at the time of transaction and is summed up with transaction amount.

Upon receipt of the card the customer shall:

  • sign on the reverse of the card
  • sign both the Agreement and notification
  • sign in the field designated for PIN code

Dates for crediting funds to card accounts:

  • Funds credited to accounts between 17:30 of the previous business day and 9:30 of the following business day shall be activated by 10:30 of the given business day․
  • Funds credited to accounts between 09:30 and 13:30 of the given business day shall be activated by 14:00 of the given business day.
  • Funds credited to accounts between 13:30 and 17:30 of the given business day shall be activated on the same business day within an hour․
Visa Concierge chatbot

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Concierge service

One call, plenty of opportunities

ARARATBANK offers its Customers a new high-quality "Concierge Service". The Bank makes sure that you receive best service tailored to your needs and saves your time.

Our adequately qualified personnel will help you get information and advice on services that may be of interest to you, as well as make your bookings.

The Concierge Service gives our Customers the opportunity to:

  • When travelling, receive consultation regarding flights performed by all airlines operating in Armenia and book tickets through your preferred airline;
  • On making the payment with a plastic card, receive tickets electronically;
  • Get information on car rental in Armenia and order cars with occupancy up to 7 seats, minibuses, cars for celebrations and trucks;
  • Get information on terms and conditions of hotels operating in Armenia, book rooms as well as buffets, cocktail receptions and other events;
  • Get information about restaurants in Armenia and book tables;
  • Receive information on performances and movies held in theaters and cinemas in Armenia and book tickets;
  • Get information about gift, souvenir and antique shops in Armenia.

For concierge service, you can call us at 060 376705.

All the above services are also provided overseas.

Visa Infinite cards advantages

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Insurance scheme

Insurance schemes for Visa Infinite cardholders:

Required documents
  • Passport
  • Social security card
Important to know
  • If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, the ATM will automatically confiscate your card. In case your card is confiscated, you have to apply immediately to the bank, which owns the ATM or you can give a call to ARARATBANK at  54 23 23.
  • When you get your card you have to put your signature in a corresponding field. Lack of signature or its mismatch to the original one is a legitimate basis for rejecting to implement an operation with your card and for confiscating it.
  • When you get your card you have to sign in a corresponding field. The lack of signature or its mismatch to the original one is a legitimate basis for rejecting your card service as well as for confiscating it.
  • PIN code is required to get cash from ATMs and to execute transactions via electronic terminals.
  • If you lost your card or for any reason it was confiscated by ATM, you must immediately inform ARARATBANK about the loss of your card by calling at  54 23 23 or ArCa payment system center at 59 22 22.
  • While executing transactions in USD, EUR, AMD, RUB and GBP through MasterCard/VISA system cards issued by ARARATBANK, the bank exchange rate as of the transaction date shall be applied while calculating transaction amount, transactions in other currency shall be calculated following MasterCard/Visa system rules.
  • Cardholders may file a complaint on transactions reflected on the statement within 30 days after they have received the statement. The statement shall be deemed agreed with a cardholder, if the latter has presented no objection during the mentioned period. Any claims raised by the cardholder, the latter shall apply to ARARATBANK head office or any of its branches with passport and fill in the transaction complaint, after which the Bank shall carry out relevant examination and submit written substantiation on accepting or rejecting the complaint no later than within 60 days after the complaint has been received.
  • In case the card is lost, the Cardholder shall immediately inform the Bank. Based on the Customer request and on the account of the Cardholder funds, the Bank can place the Card in the block list of international settlement system until the card expiry or for certain periods. Cardholders shall bear the risk of adverse effects of the transactions (including unauthorized transactions) executed by effective card within the period the card hasn’t been placed in the block list of international settlement system based on the Customer request and on the account of the Cardholder funds and in case Cardholders fail to inform the Bank about the card loss.
  • The Bank shall not be held liable for the losses incurred by cardholders as a result of fraud transactions executed by card through internet, POS terminals, ATMs and/or technical means and/or virtually․
  • The Bank shall not be held liable for the losses incurred by cardholders, if the card occurs in the hands of other person, if the card or card data (including card number, card account number, card password, PIN code and CVV code) become known to other persons.
  • The Bank shall not be held liable for the losses incurred by cardholders due to malfunction of the internet, ATMs, POS terminals and connection breakdown or other technical problems, except for cases when cardholders withdraw funds from POS terminals or ATMs but do not actually get the money, though the funds have been de facto debited from the card account.

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