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Your Bank 24/7 at your fingertips - with only a smartphone and access to internet! 

You can download the app from Google Play and/or App Store for FREE.


How to register in the App?

You can register in AraratMobile App ONLINE without visiting the Bank in the following cases:

  1. If you are not an ARARATBANK Customer, you can use the opportunity of Online identification. You need to download the app, click the Register button, select the Online Identification button, identify yourself using your ID document and create a user, following the instructions.
  2. You are an ARARATBANK Cardholder, and the 3D security system of your card is active. In case the 3D security code of your card is not active, you may try one of the following:
  • If you have an e-mail address registered in ARARATBANK, write an e-mail to stating your intention to activate the 3D security system.
  • Contact ARARATBANK Call Center, identify yourself and apply for the card 3D activation.
  • If you do not have an e-mail address registered in ARARATBANK, you need to visit one of the Bank's branches or the head office and fill in the application form for activating the 3D security system, after which you can register online and make banking transactions through AraratMobile App.   

An ARARATBANK customer who is not a holder of the Bank’s card may become an AraratMobile user by visiting the Bank head office or the most convenient branch and fill in the relevant application. AraratMobile App will allow you access to online banking transactions. If you forget your password, you can click on "Forgot password" field, answer a verifying question and change your password.

Besides, you can choose between Armenian, Russian and English languages to use the application in your preferred language.

In order to become an AraratMobile user, you will need to sign the Application form online or at the Bank’s branch.


With the help of application you can

AraratMobile application will enable individuals to save time when executing various bank transactions:

  • card-to-card transfers*
  • current account top-up* 
  • transfers in the territory of Republic of Armenia
  • Currency exchange
  • Application fill-out for account opening**
  • Application fill-out for plastic card issue, closure or re-issue
  • Application fill-out for the replacement of lost and/or stolen card   
  • Application fill out for the issue of a new PIN code 
  • Utility group payments
  • Property tax payments
  • Bookmaker payments
  • Parking fees, traffic fines and CMTPL (Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance) payments 
  • Deposit placement/top-up
  • Loan disbursement/repayments
  • Online queuing
  • Online support system
  • Order a call
  • Linking the cards issued by other ArCa system member banks and paying by linked cards
  • Transfers to the State budget
  • Transfers to/from brokerage accounts

ATTENTION: Where you pay the property tax ONLINE for the property registered in Yerevan, maintenance service coupons can be taken from all the branches of ARARATBANK  without visiting the quarter municipality.     

*Where the receiving party is a customer of ARARATBANK, the remitter will see the remittee’s first and last names as well as patronymic and the bank’s name after entering card/bank account number or card number in the respective field. Meanwhile, where the receiving party is not a customer of ARARATBANK, the remitter will see the name of the bank which processes the specified card/bank account number or card after entering card/bank account number or card number in the respective field.  

*In case of Diners Club card types, a card-to-card transfer will be possible to make only if made to Diners Club cards.

**No fee shall be charged where the existing customers of the bank open a new account online.

You can access Online queuing and Online support systems, as well as order a call both before and after entering the system.  

Despite you location, you can execute not only transactions but also view all transactions executed by bank, card, credit or deposit accounts, and analyse incurred costs.    

The security of AraratMobile transactions is ensured by the latest security technologies.

By the way, AraratMobile application can be downloaded not only by ARARATBANK  customers, but also by those who are willing to queue in the nearest branch, use the online support service, or order a call.

  Rezident Non rezident
 «AraratMobile banking» fee    AMD 0 

 AMD 5000

(one time payment)

  «AraratMobile banking» monthly payment fee  AMD 0  AMD 0 
SMS sending AMD 0*/AMD 30 **

Flight transfers 0․3 %
Property tax AMD 300

 Attention. Tariffs include VAT.

*a network of mobile operators registered in Armenia

**network of mobile operators registered outside Armenia.

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