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Investments in Government bonds market

Investments in Government bonds market

AraratBank acts as an agent in the market of RA Government bonds. You can make use of mediation and custody services provided by AraratBank in RA Government bonds. Bonds are issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia on behalf of the Republic of Armenia and are secured by the entire property of the state. RA government bonds are the only bonds that are not taxed by an income tax. 

Both legal entities and individuals can acquire the bonds.

AraratBank is active both in the primary and in the secondary bonds markets.

The Bank carries out operations for its customers in the primary and secondary bond markets based on the executed contract and respective applications. The Bank carries out operations based on the Government Bond Purchase and Sale Agreement, signed with the Bank, for those who are not the customers of the Bank.

Visit AraratBank Head Office at Buzand St., bldg. 87, prem. 85, Yerevan or call at 54-79-35 and our specialists will support you in making profitable investments.

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