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Gold-backed loans

Gold-backed loans

If you need urgent money to solve every-day problems, AraratBank offers consumer loans secured by gold items.

  • Currency


  • Maximum amount

    AMD 10․000․000

  • Period

    1800 day


Gold-backed loans are disbursed by the following branches of the Bank: Komitas, Malatia, Sebastia, Mashtots, Gyumri, Abovyan, Tsaghkadzor, Davtashen, Isahakyan, Shengavit, Dilijan, Nor Nork, Artashat, Etchmiadzin, Vanadzor, Armavir, Sevan, Masis, Hrazdan, Erebuni, Goris, Martuni, Jrvezh, Shirak, Spitak, Ashtarak, Ajapnyak, Ijevan, Nor-Nork 1, Avan-Arinj, Charentsavan, Arabkir, Vanadzor 2, Gyumri 2, Stepanakert.

Loan purpose Consumer

Loan amount disbursed per person

AMD 70.000 - 10.000.000 (in case of 300–370 days - AMD 30․000-69․999)

Maturity Interest rate   Principal and interest repayment LTV ratio
70-100 days 10% (EIR - 12.66- 23.94%) Principal repayment at maturity date, interest charged at the time of loan disbursement for the entire contract period up to 100% of appraised value
101-190 days 13% (EIR- 14.86-23.5% )   Principal repayment at maturity date, interest charged monthly
191-370 days 13% (EIR - 14.37-18.68%) Principal repayment at maturity date, interest charged monthly up to 95% of appraised value

371- 740 days 15% (EIR - 16.39- 18.71%) Principal repayment at maturity date, interest charged monthly
741– 1800 days 16% (EIR - 17.52- 19.87%) In a flat monthly amount up to 100% of appraised value
300–370 days 15% (EIR - 18.71- 23.93%) Principal repayment at maturity date, interest charged monthly
Mode of loan disbursement


Current accounts shall be opened for customers who are not accountholders as per the Bank’s effective rates

Loan application processing, credit account maintenance and service fees
  • for up to AMD 100.000 – AMD 1.500  
  • AMD 100.001 - 200.000 – AMD 2.000
  • AMD 200.001 - 400.000 – AMD 4.000
  • AMD 400.001 - 800.000 – AMD 8.000  
  • AMD 800.001 - 1․500.000 – AMD 12.000
  • AMD 1.500.001 - 2․500․000 – AMD 15.000
  • AMD 2.500.001 - 6․000․000 – AMD 25.000
  • AMD 6.000.00 1 - 10․000․000 – AMD 50.000

Stepanakert branch:

  • Up to AMD 100.000 - AMD 1.500
  • AMD 100.001 - 200.000 – AMD 2.000
  • AMD 200.001-500․000 – AMD 3.000
  • AMD 500.001-2․000․000 – AMD 5.000  
  • AMD 2․000․001-5․000․000 – AMD 15.000
  • AMD 5․000․001-10․000․000 – AMD 30.000
Penalty on past-due interest/principal 0.13% daily

Early loan repayment No penalties applied

Pledged gold custody after the expiration of loan agreement

AMD 100 daily as from the 6th day

Dear Customer, the ratings and the number of inquiries generated as a result of your loan applications may affect your overall credit rating in the Scoring systems.

Gold prices
Gold karat Value per gram of gold (AMD)
375 10,600
500 14,100
585 16,500
750 21,100
875 24,500
916 25,700
958 26,900
999 28,400


Required documents
  • Passport
  • Social security card․
Useful information
  • A lending decision is made within a maximum of 1 working day.
  • The borrower is notified of the lending decision within 1 working day.
  • The loan is disbursed (upon submission of all required documents) within a maximum of 1 working day from the date of decision.
  • The deposit is returned to the Customer within 1 working day upon repayment of full loan amount.
  • Interest rate on loan amount balance shall be accounted for on an annual basis, where a year is defined as 365 days.

Loan application approval and rejection factors

Fees for provision of statements, references and other data

Attention: Loan interest rates shall be calculated based on nominal interest rate, while the effective annual interest rate shall show how much the loan will cost you if interests and other mandatory payments with regards to loan disbursement and service are paid in due amounts and specified timelines. For the order of effective annual interest rate calculation, visit here.


Please be informed that the borrowers who have made early repayments on consumer loans since August 16, 2019 can receive amounts recovered from charging early repayment commission fees starting from December 2021. The amounts will be credited to current accounts of ARARATBANK OJSC customers. Those customers, who are not ARARATBANK OJSC accountholders, may reach ARARATBANK OJSC branches or head office in person, presenting a proof of identity.

At the time of applying for a loan, the applicant and the guarantor(s) (if any) will be provided with a tailored list of essential consumer loan terms reflecting the individual conditions of the loan to be extended to the applicant.

Your property (house, vehicle, or other) may be confiscated in the manner prescribed by law where you fail to repay your interests and principal in time.

In case of failure to perform your loan obligations, the loan security, as well as other property of the borrower, where the loan security is insufficient, may be seized and sold in a court or out-of-court procedure both through direct sale and public auction.

Where you fail to perform your obligations, either fully or partially, the Lender shall send the data within a three-day period to the credit bureau, where your credit history is generated. You shall have the right to obtain your credit history from the bureau once a year for free. Attention: A bad credit history may hinder lending in the future. 

In the event of non-compliance or partial compliance of the borrower with its credit obligations, fines and penalties shall be imposed in accordance with the Loan Agreement.

Your financial directory” is an electronic system which facilitates the search, comparison and selection of the best options in the services offered.

You shall have the right to communicate with the financial institution by any convenient way - by post or e-mail. Receiving information electronically is the most convenient option. It is available 24/7, free from the risks of loss of paper information and ensures privacy.

The bank may request additional documents or other information based on the "Know your customer" principle, as well as ask additional questions during oral communication, for the purpose of due diligence of the customer defined by the RA Law "On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing". .

In accordance with the agreement signed with the USA based on the Compliance Act (FATCA), the financial organization may collect additional information to determine whether you are a US taxpayer.

Loan/leasing amount


Annual interest rate

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