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“Term” deposit

“Term” deposit

ARARATBANK offers its term deposit approaches to all individuals.

  • Currency


  • Period

    45-730 days

  • Max percentage

    AMD -10.25%, USD - 4.5%, Euro - 2.6%

Deposit type Term
Deposit minimum amount AMD 100․000, USD 200 , Euro 200 
Method of interest payment Monthly  
Currency AMD USD Euro
45-90 days Annual interest rate 5.5% 0.5% 0.25%
Annual interest yield 5․6% 0.5% 0.25%
91-180 days Annual interest rate 6․5% 1.5% 0․75%
Annual interest yield 6․68% 1.51% 0․75%

181-270 days


Annual interest rate 7․5% 2.25% 1.25%
Annual interest yield 7․75% 2.27% 1.26%
271-365 days Annual interest rate 8.5% 3.25% 1․75%
Annual interest yield 8․84% 3.3% 1․76%
366-545 days Annual interest rate 10% 4.25% 2.5%
Annual interest yield 10․47% 4.33% 2.53%
546-730 days Annual interest rate


4.5% 2.6%
Annual interest yield


4.59% 2.63%

Attention: Interests on the funds available in your account shall accrue based on nominal interest rate, while the annual interest yield shows the amount of income to be received by the depositor after they make deposit-related required payments and receive the earned interests in the prescribed manner. Follow this link to learn about the calculation procedure of the annual percentage yield.

Required documents
  • A passport (or identification card) or a military record book, and where a depositor is a foreign citizen (except for dual citizenship), passports shall be translated into Armenian and notarized.
  • A social card or a reference on issuing a public service number.
  • A power of attorney certified by a notary public, where a person is authorized to deposit and/or manage funds.
Plastic cards for depositors

Plastic cards shall be issued with no annual service fee and minimum required balance.

Currency MC Standard/Visa Classic MC Gold/ Visa Gold MC Gold/Visa Gold, 
Diners Club Young Professional
AMD Up to 10,000,000.00
initial deposited amount
From 10,000,001.00 up to  25,000,000.00
initial deposited amount
25,000,001.00 and over initial deposited amount
USD Up to 20,000,00 and over initial deposited amount  From 20,001.00 up to  50,000.00
initial deposited amount
50,001.00 and over initial deposited amount 
Important to know
  • Interest rates for deposits of AMD 80,000,000 and over or equivalent in foreign currency shall be set by agreement.
  • Bank and card accounts shall be opened for the Depositor free of charge. Once the deposit is repaid and the deposit agreement is not extended within one month, the current account shall become paid based on the rates applicable at the bank.   
  • Where the depositor claims the deposit amount earlier than stipulated by the agreement, an interest rate of 0.1% shall be accrued annually. As for the interests paid in excess, such interests shall be charged from the deposit amount to be paid back to the customer.  
  • Frequency of interest payments – monthly, quarterly, or at the end of the term, may be chosen by the customer. 
  • The depositor shall be issued MasterCard Standard free of charge, with no annual service fee and no minimum balance requirement.
  • Accrued interest amount is taxable by income tax pursuant to the Armenian Law on Income tax, whereas the BANK shall act as a tax agent for income tax.
  • If the DEPOSITOR does not claim the DEPOSIT after the maturity date, the BANK shall transfer the DEPOSIT amount to the account opened in the DEPOSITOR’s name and any interests shall accrue thereon at the rates applicable in the BANK. If the DEPOSITOR does not get the interests within the preset term, the BANK shall transfer the DEPOSIT amount to the account opened in the DEPOSITOR’s name and any interests shall accrue thereon at the rates applicable in the BANK.
  • Interest amounts on term deposits shall be calculated based on nominal (simple) interest rate. Annual interest rate of deposits shows the amount of income to be received by the DEPOSITOR after making mandatory payments under the deposit. 

Deposits with AraratBank are guaranteed by the"Deposits Compensation Guarantee Fund". Both deposits (accounts) in Armenian drams and in foreign currency of either individuals or entrepreneurs are guaranteed. Maximum guaranteed amount for deposits in Armenian drams is 10 million drams, and 5 million drams for deposits in foreign currency. No actions shall be taken by the depositor to guarantee his deposit. From the moment the amount is deposited it is deemed guaranteed.

Metal accounts are not reimbursed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.


“Your financial directory” is an electronic system which facilitates the search and comparison of the services offered to individuals, and selection of the best options for you

You have the right to communicate with a financial institution of your choice by post or e-mail. Receiving information electronically is the most convenient option. It is available 24/7, free from the risks of loss of paper information and ensures privacy.

The bank may request additional documents or other information based on the "Know your customer" principle, as well as ask additional questions during oral communication, for the purpose of due diligence of the customer defined by the RA Law "On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing". .

In accordance with the agreement signed with the USA based on the Compliance Act (FATCA), the financial organization may collect additional information to determine whether you are a US taxpayer.

Deposit amount


Annual interest rate

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Interest calculated on a daily basis (In case of accumulative deposit, the calculation is made on the sum of the final deposit)

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Total interest income calculated on the date of the deposit agreement

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Net interest income actually paid to depositor during the deposit contract (10% of income tax deducted)

Note: Your interest rate is 10% of income tax.

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