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To remitters

To remitters

If you are active in executing transactions via fast remittance systems and — within a three-month period —you received and sent money over 800 U.S. dollars every month, AraratBank enables you to enjoy also overdraft services.    

Overdraft disbursed by DC Young Professional will enable you to use additional loan proceeds where necessary till new transfers.

  • Currency


  • Maximum amount

    USD 2000

  • Period

    24 months

  • Interest rate

    16%։ actual interest rate 18․13-23.43%



Borrower Customers sending and receiving money via fast remittance systems
Overdraft currency USD
Annual interest rate 16%
Overdraft maximum amount USD 2.000, the total of  remittances sent and received each month 3 months prior to submitting the loan application should be USD 800.        
Overdraft maturity 24 months
Overdraft disbursement mode By payment card
Card type DC Young Professional
Card effective period 24 months
Annual service fee of the payment card    AMD 4 000
Cash withdrawal from ATMs and POS terminals of ARARATBANK OJSC   0%
Interest repayments Monthly
Overdraft repayments Equal amortization

Penalty on past-due interest

0.07% daily
Penalty on past-due principle 0.06% daily
Requirements to the credit history of the Borrower Lack of past-due liabilities within 24 months prior to submitting the loan application. As for repaid liabilities, the loan must be at least classified as watched and the total of past-due liabilities shall not exceed 30 days.   
Required documents
  • Passport 
  • Social security card․
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Please follow the Armenian version

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