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Top-up deposit

Top-up deposit

We offer our options for increasing your incomes.

  • Currency

    AMD, USD

  • Period

    91-459 days

  • Max percentage

    AMD -9%, USD - 3․5%

Terms and conditions

Minimum sum of deposit

Annual percent

Minimum size of deposit acquisition

Deadline of deposit acquisition

period of 91-180 days
AMD     10.000 5.5% 7.000 30 days

USD 30 1.00% 15
period of 181-270 days
AMD 10.000 6.00% 5.000 30 days

USD 30 2.00% 10
period of 271-365 days
AMD 10.000 7.50% 5.000 30 days
USD 30     3.00% 10
period of 366-459 days
AMD 10.000 8.50% 5.000 30 days
USD 30 4.00% 10

Interest amounts over top-up deposits shall accrue based on nominal (simple) interest rate.  Annual interest yield shows the amount of income to be received by the depositor after redepositing the received interests

Required documents

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Important to know

Please follow the Armenian version

Deposit amount


Annual interest rate

All fields are required to be filled out and must not contain 0.

0 դր.

Interest calculated on a daily basis (In case of accumulative deposit, the calculation is made on the sum of the final deposit)

0 դր.

Total interest income calculated on the date of the deposit agreement

0 դր.

Net interest income actually paid to depositor during the deposit contract (10% of income tax deducted)

Note: Your interest rate is 10% of income tax.

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