Online Banking
We are different, but we are in the same boat!

Dear customer,

We are always here to provide you with relevant information and timely warnings, but you are the one who creates the financial safety environment for your own protection.

You are losing financial resources, becoming a victim of fraud, that is why we inform you once again.

  1. Do not provide personal data (passport/social card/ID card details), card details (card number/PIN code/card expiration date/CVV code/one-time password), bank app login/password or other information over phone or social networks; do not fill in the above data on unknown, suspicious, unprotected websites and social pages.
  2. The bank employee never asks the customer to provide any personal or banking data, AraratMobile app login and password, one-time use and confirmation codes through any channel of communication. Accordingly, do not answer false calls on behalf of the Bank containing such enquiries, do not respond to fake social media messages sent on behalf of the Bank, do not confirm any personal data and do not make any transactions. In particular, do not give your card to other persons on the assumption that it will be returned to you later: this is another mechanism for making illegal transactions by fraud. Acceptance of such offers makes you complicit in the crime committed.
  3.  When making online purchases, payments and transfers, strictly observe all safety rules: do not enter any personal data or card details on unprotected sites, even with the most attractive offers and unprecedented discounts; do not fill in data if you've received a link from an unknown source - there is a high probability that the link is hacked; do not register your card without prior knowledge of the rules and payment terms of the site.

Remember that if you lose your card, you can always block it yourself through AraratMobile app or the USSD service by dialing *116#. After identifying a possible case of fraud, immediately call the Bank on 010592323 or 098542323.

We assure you that the Bank fully ensures the protection of its customers’ personal data by ongoing improvement of information security systems. Be careful and do not give any data out to unknown persons, pages or phone calls and continue to contribute to our policy of joint maintenance of safe financial environment.

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