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Gold-backed agricultural loans

Gold-backed agricultural loans

Agro loans: ARARATBANK offers gold-backed loans to producers of agricultural products – plant and livestock farmers.



  • Currency


  • Maximum amount

    Equivalent to AMD 10․000․000

  • Maximum Period

    740 days

  • Maximum interest rate

    9%, actual interest rate։ 9.02 %-17.7%



Loan amount and Currency


LTV ratio

Principle and interest repayment Interest rate (annual)

Equivalent to min. AMD 100.000 and max. AMD 2.000.000

70-100 day

Up to 100% of the appraised value

Loan repayment by maturity, charge of interests at the point of loan disbursement for the whole period 8%
101-190 day

Up to 95% of the appraised value

Loan repayment by maturity,  monthly   interest charges 8.5%
191-740 day

Up to 100% of the appraised value

Monthly, even



 Loan file processing fee, credit account processing and service fees shall be charged once for the disbursement of gold-backed agricultural loans:    

-  AMD 2.000 in case the loan amount makes up to USD 500, 

- AMD 3.500 in case the loan amount make between USD 501 and USD 1.500 ԱՄՆ, 

- AMD 4.500 in case the loan amount makes between USD 1.501 and USD 3.000 ԱՄՆ,

- AMD 6.000 in case the loan amount makes between USD 3.001 and USD 5.000, 

Foreign exchange rate fluctuations may affect the repayment of USD loans.  

Attention: Loan interest rates shall accrue based on the nominal interest rate, while the effective annual interest rate shall show how much the loan will cost to you in case interests and other mandatory payments with regards to loan disbursement and service are repaid in due amounts and specified timelines.

The effective annual interest rate may change depending on the change of the exchange rate value published on the official website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia

Where the loan is disbursed in USD, changes in exchange rate may affect the loan repayments․

Dear Customer, the ratings and the number of inquiries generated as a result of your loan applications may affect your overall credit rating in the Scoring systems.

Gold prices
Gold karat Value per gram of gold (AMD)
375 11․000
500 14․800
585 17․300
750 22․100
875 25․800
916 27․000
958 28․200
999 29․900
Required documents
  • Passport
  • Social security card․
Useful information

The loan application will be approved if:

  1. the customer has submitted the complete package of documentation (passport and social security card, employment reference regarding position, salary and work experience in the given company).
  2. After the loan application and the required documentation have been submitted, a query is made ACRA credit bureau regarding the customer’s credit history.
  3. After the Bank discovers that the customer has a positive credit history or no credit history at all, the Bank shall make an evaluation of the customer’s creditworthiness and solvency.
  4. If the evaluation of creditworthiness shows positive results the Bank shall disburse the loan.

 The loan application will be rejected if:

  1. the customer fails to submit all documents necessary for getting the loan (passport and social security card, employment reference regarding position, salary and work experience in the given company).
  2. the customer must have a six-month work experience and must have got a salary for at least 1 month.
  3. the query made to “ACRA Credit Reporting” credit bureau shows that the customer had past-due or classified liabilities within 24 months prior to the loan application (except for repaid guarantees) as well as the total of past-due liabilities exceeded 30 days. 
  4. the customer turned out to be not credit worthy as a result of credit rating.    

Your property (house, vehicle, or other) may be confiscated in the manner provided for by law where you fail to repay your interests and principal in time.

Where you fail to perform your loan obligations, the loan security, as well as another property of the borrower if the former is insufficient, may be seized and sold in a court or out-of-court procedure both through direct sale and public auction.

Where you fail to perform your obligations either fully or partially, the Lender shall send those data to the credit bureau within a three-day period, where your credit history is generated. You shall have the right to obtain your credit history from the bureau free of charge. Attention: A bad credit history may hinder lending in the future.  

When applying for a loan, the Lender shall provide you and guarantor(s) (if any) with an individual sheet on essential terms, wherein you will come across individual terms of the loan to be disbursed to you.  

Your financial directory” is an electronic system which facilitates the search and comparison of the services offered to individuals, and selection of the best options for you.

You have the right to communicate with a financial institution of your choice by post or e-mail. Receiving information electronically is the most convenient option. It is available 24/7, free from the risks of loss of paper information and ensures privacy.


Loan/leasing amount


Annual interest rate

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