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ArCa Classic

The chip ArCa plastic card is intended for withdrawing funds from ATMs in RA, making cashless payments at trade and service points, receiving salaries and making payments on websites containing the ArCa logo.


  • Currency

    AMD, RUB, USD, Euro

  • Annual service fee

    AMD 3,000

  • Cash withdrawal from ATMs and POS terminals of ARARATBANK OJSC


  • Cash withdrawal from cash withdrawal points of ArCa system


Terms of service of chip cards
Transaction type Rates*
Card currency AMD, USD, Euro, RUB
Card validity period 4 years
Annual card service fee  AMD 3,000
Annual card service fee for foreign citizen AMD 7.500**
Linked card annual service fee for foreign citizen AMD 5.000
Linked card annual service fee  AMD 1500
Card issuance at the Bank’s head office within a banking day  AMD 5,000
Annual interest accrued on the card account positive balance 0% 
Cash withdrawal without card at ARARATBANK cash desk

AMD 1%, 2% USD, 2% EUR 

Cash withdrawal at ATMs and POS terminals of ARARATBANK AMD 0%, 2% USD, 2% EUR 
Cash withdrawal at other banks’ cash withdrawal points, ATMs and POS terminals 0,8%
Commission fee charged for card-to-card transfers** 0,3%***
Provision of new PIN code through ATM (AMD) 500
Card reissuance in case of its loss, damage and loss of PIN code (AMD) 500 
Provision of statement   AMD 500
Current month’s statement (AMD) AMD 500
Statement via e-mail (AMD) free
Card unblocking (AMD) AMD 500
Total maximum number of cash withdrawal transactions permissible per day 30
Total maximum number of transactions permissible per day 30
Maximum total amount per transaction (AMD)

AMD 1,000,000

USD 3,000

EURO 3,000

RUB 200,000
Maximum total amount of cash transactions permissible per day (AMD)

AMD 1,000,000

USD   3,000

EURO 3,000

RUB  200,000
Maximum total amount of transactions permissible per day (AMD)

AMD 2,000,000

USD   9,000

EURO 6,000

RUB  400,000
Cash-in through ARARATBANK ATMs  0%
Cash-in through ArCa system ATMs 0,8%
SMS banking service for making Internet- based transactions via 3D Secure system free
SMS messages on executed transactions (AMD) 15

* VAT included

** One-off payment for two-year service applies

***Please be informed that in addition to commission fee charged for transfers at ARARATBANK service points (including the online platform), an additional fee of the relevant Servicing Bank is also applied, which shall be charged at the time of transaction and shall be added to total amount of transaction.

Required documents
  • Passport
  • Social security card

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