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Dear AraratBank customer,

Every person is eligible to receive information and copies of documents stipulated by Part 3, Article 20 and Part 2, Article 43 of Armenian Law “On Banks and Banking” as well as information and copies of documents stipulated by Articles 16, 120 and Part 1, Article 126 of Armenian Law “On Securities Market”.

Laws are available at this web-site, under the “Regulation” section. AraratBank shall provide the abovementioned information upon availability of written application. The written application may be either submitted in person at the branches or Head office of AraratBank, or sent via araratbank@araratbank.am or by post (Buzand St., bldg. 87, prem. 85, Yerevan, RA). AMD 10 shall be charged per page and documents shall be provided at the Head Office (Buzand St., bldg. 87, prem. 85, Yerevan, RA) within 5 business days after the fee has been charged. No fee is charged for electronic submission of applications and documents shall be provided within three business days. Please, be informed as well that you are free to submit complaints to.


Buzand St., bldg. 87, prem. 85, 0002 Yerevan, RA,
Phone: 37410 59 23 23
E-mail: info@araratbank.am

Individuals are provided an opportunity to lodge a claim with the Financial System Mediator proceeding from deal concluded between the Bank and the customer.

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