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Receipt of remittances via a phone call or SMS

Receipt of remittances via a phone call or SMS


If you want to save your time and make use of quality banking services WITHOUT VISITING THE BANK, then the very offer of ARARATBANK is for you. Once you make a phone call and give an oral instruction to the specialist of Call Center, remittances will be credited to your card account in a few minutes. If the currency of remittance differs from the currency of your card account, the amount will be converted to the currency you have mentioned at the exchange rate fixed at the Bank and will be credited to the specified card account thereafter.  

Attention: The terms of the service “Receiving money via fast remittance systems by phone” SHALL NOT APPLY TO MoneyGram system.

Terms of service via telephone call

To make use of this service

An Agreement on opening a card account, issuing and servicing a debit-credit card and an Agreement on the account replenishment via telephone system will be concluded with a customer.

You will be issued an international plastic card at the preferred currency. In case you choose Visa Electron plastic card, the card will be provided at AMD 0 (zero) annual service fee and without a minimum balance.

The card will be issued in compliance with the process of issuing plastic cards applicable at the Bank.

In case the cardholder fails to credit received remittances to the card account via phone call at least twice within 6 months after receiving Visa Electron plastic card, an annual service fee will be charged in the amount applicable at the Bank on the day the card account has been opened.

Not only convenient but also profitable

ARARATBANK offers one more opportunity to the customers who receive remittances via phone call. A cash-back of 0.1% of the amount of remittances received in the previous month via phone call will be paid at the beginning of each month.

Attention: the service is free of charge

Terms of the funds credited to card accounts

The amounts credited between 17:30 of the previous workday and 09:40 of the given workday will be activated till 10:30 of the given workday

The amounts credited between 09:30 and 13:30 during the given workday will be activated till 14։00 of the given workday

The receipts confirmed within the given working day from 13:30 to 17:30 will be activated on the given business day within one hour.

Terms of service via short SMS

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