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Remit money to the USA via Moneytun fast remittance system WITHOUT OPENING AN ACCOUNT. 

  • Currency

    AMD, USD

  • Remittance speed

    10 minutes

Terms and commission fees for money transfers

Remit money to the USA through the MONEYTUN system on the following terms:

Transfer currency USD
Maximum amount per transfer USD 10,000
Disbursement currency USD, AMD, RUB
Transfer speed within 10 minutes
Transfer amount Commission fee
USD 1-100 USD 2
USD 101-10․000 2% of transferred amount

ARARATBANK customer accounts can be replenished from the USA through the Moneytun system. 

With the Moneytun system, it is possible to top up cards or accounts of Russian banks with a commission of 1.5%.

ATTENTION: An online portal for transfers from abroad through the MONEYTUN system is now available: https://firmpay.com/.

Required documents

Transfer requirements

  • Identification document
  • Full name, country, city of the beneficiary, phone number

To receive the transfer, you need to: 

  • provide the identity document

  • indicate the transfer code consisting of 6-12 digits 
Replenishment of China Union Pay card accounts issued by banks of China

List of banks crediting Union Pay card accounts issued by any bank in China.

Account crediting duration within 15 minutes
Account replenishment currency CNY
Limit per transfer USD 3,000
Daily USD 10,000
Annual transfer limit per person USD 50,000
Commission fee USD 5 min.





Fee to customer $

Fee to customer %

1-100 100 5 n/a
101-200 200 5 n/a
201-300 300 5 n/a
301-400 400 5 n/a
401-500 500 5 n/a
501-600 600 6 1%
601-700 700 7 1%
701-800 800 8 1%
801-900 900 9 1%
901-1000 1000 10 1%
1001-2000 2000 20 1%
2001-3000 3000 30 1%

Check the list of Chinese banks which allow replenishment of the China Union Pay debit/credit cards:

  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  • Bank of China
  • Bank of Communication
  • China Construction Bank
  • China Everbright Bank
  • Harbin Bank
  • Bank of Shanghai
  • Lingshan Bank
  • Hunan Rural Bank
  • Guangdong Rural Bank
  • Huaxia Bank
AraratDirect service

MONEYTUN AraratDirect service now enables to top up the bank/card accounts of ARARATBANK customers.

 To top up an account, you need to:

  • Visit any of MONEYTUN system service locations in California and Nevada,
  • Provide the beneficiary's name, surname, phone number, account/card number to the servicing staff.

 You may also top up funds in an account from MONEYTUN online platform by:

Important to know
  • The Bank shall be obliged to provide a confirmation document for each transfer, reflecting information on transfer amount and currency and commission fee charged.
  • Term of availability of the transferred amount after the completion of the transfer is not defined.
  • The beneficiary shall receive the amount in full and shall not be charged any commission fees.
  • In the event of non-payment, delay or refusal of payment of transfers made by the Bank in recipient countries with accurately and completely provided data and acceptable status, the Bank shall clarify the reason for such non-payment, delay or refusal of payment and guide the Customer through the process of receiving the transfer amount due.
  • In the event that the Remitter requests the return of transfer amount due to the impossibility of its receipt by the Remittee for reasons beyond the control of the Remitter and Remittee (e.g., human error, system malfunction, etc.), the commission fee shall also be refunded to the Remitter, in agreement with the fast remittance system if appropriate.
  • If spelling errors have been made in the Remittee’s name, and if the transferred amount does not exceed USD 5,000 or an equivalent in another currency, the payment may be made only in the presence of no more than 3 /inclusive/ spelling errors, provided that such errors do not lead to a change of first or last name or gender. Payment of the transfer submitted with any spelling errors in the amount exceeding USD 5,000 or its equivalent in another currency shall be prohibited. In such cases, the Customer shall be advised to contact the Remitter and revise the incorrect transfer data in the Remittee’s name, surname, and patronymic.
  • Correction of errors or cancellation of transfer data shall be carried out within capacities and timeframes of the remitting and receiving banks.
  • Change or cancelation of transfer data shall be carried out based on the written request of the Remitter at the rate of AMD 1000.
  • Remittances that have been carried out cannot be considered void if the amount has been paid to the Remittee.
  • Where the transfer transaction is rejected, the system operator shall be obliged to indicate the reason for such rejection.
  • AraratBank shall not be held liable for the implications entailed by the transfer of the remittance code by the Customer to a third party.

For additional information, please refer to https://moneytun.com/.

Attention: The Bank shall not be held liable for the reliability and accuracy of the contents of the linked web-sites, as well as for possible consequences arising from the use of advertisements and information contained therein.


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You shall have the right to communicate with the financial institution by any convenient way - by post or e-mail. Receiving information electronically is the most convenient option. It is available 24/7, free from the risks of loss of paper information and ensures privacy.

The bank may request additional documents or other information based on the "Know your customer" principle, as well as ask additional questions during oral communication, for the purpose of due diligence of the customer defined by the RA Law "On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing". .

In accordance with the agreement signed with the USA based on the Compliance Act (FATCA), the financial organization may collect additional information to determine whether you are a US taxpayer.

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