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"MIG" top-ups of accounts by phone with Fora-Оnline Аpp

"MIG" top-ups of accounts by phone with Fora-Оnline Аpp

Fora-Оnline mobile app users can send money from Russia to Armenia to ARARATBANK OJSC individual card/account holders by using a phone number.

Up to 1000 RUB casback

Please follow the armenian version

Service description

1. To make a transfer from Fora-Bank, the remitter needs to:

In the Fora-Online system, select "Payments" → "Abroad" → "By phone number" («Платежи» → «За рубеж» → «По номеру телефона»). In the “Bank” field, select ARARATBANK OJSC, enter the phone number of the remittee (provided by the latter to ARARATBANK) and the amount of money to be remitted.

Check the full name of the remittee and confirm the transfer. 


2. To receive the transfer from ARARATBANK OJSC, the remittee needs to:

Be holder of local currency card and/or current account with ARARATBANK.  

Provide the remitter with his/her valid mobile phone number registered in the ARARATBANK database.

Terms & conditions
Type of operation Money Transfer (fulfillment of the account)
Transfer direction From the Russian Federation to the Republic of Armenia
Remitter bank FORA-BANK
Beneficiary bank ARARATBANK OJSC
Currency of funds transferred RUB (Russion ruble)
Currency of funds received *AMD 
Transfer beneficiary description ARARATBANK OJSC individual AMD account holder
Transfer payment mode Non-cash, on the beneficiary's current or card account in AMD
Transfer speed Instant
Service availability 24 hours a day/7 days a week
Commission fee charged to remitter According to tariffs set by Fora-Bank
Commission fee charged to beneficiary N/A

*Selection of the account shall be made by ARARATBANK according to the priority defined by its internal procedures. Before crediting the amount of the transfer to the beneficiary's account, ARARATBANK shall convert the transferred amount from the Russian ruble to the Armenian dram at the exchange rate effective at ARARATBANK at the time of operation.

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