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5 cartoons as tools for raising financial literacy of children

5 cartoons as tools for raising financial literacy of children

We have singled out several cartoons on the topic of "Alphabet of Financial Literacy" from the famous Russian "Smeshariki" animated series:

  1. The cartoon “Благородное дело” ("Noble Deed") is about investments. In one of the episodes, the cartoon character, in the pursuit of bigger profit, dares to take a higher risk, which results in the loss of all money. The film teaches children to understand various investment risks. Watch the full version at
  2. The animated film "Золушка" (“Cinderella”) tells about loans. In order to buy an expensive dress, Nyusha takes a loan before finding out that she must return the money and work hard. Watch the film at
  3. The cartoon “Золотое яблоко” ("Golden Apple") is about cost planning. The key message of the film is that before making a purchase, you need to think carefully and weigh all the pros and cons. The film is available at
  4. The animated film “Кактус в мешке” (“Cactus in a bag") tells about a sales contract. This cartoon communicates the message that in order to avoid being misled, you should carefully look at what you purchase and check the related documents. If you follow this rule, you will be protected by law. Watch the full version at
  5. The cartoon “Чёрный день" (“Black Day”) is about the importance of making savings. The electricity supply of Smeshariki is cut off due to debts. Fortunately, one of the characters, who has made savings, pays the electricity bill. Watch the full version at 
  6. Important tip for parents: after watching the cartoon, make sure to discuss it with the child, otherwise it may not fully serve its purpose.


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