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I hereby declare that I am 14 years old and the court has not deprived me of the right to open a bank account. I understand that a card account shall be opened in my name and activated thereafter at ARARATBANK OJSC based on this application and I will be able to execute transactions by concluding an agreement with ARARATBANK OJSC, with which I have familiarized myself in the website of the bank and for which I can visit the branch of the Head Office I have mentioned in the respective Application. I am aware that if the execution of transactions through the bank account is either limited or ceased, and if the cash funds are blocked in the cases and order stipulated by RA law, ARARATBANK OJSC shall either fully or partially decline the execution of a transaction. The present Application has been filled out by me on my own initiative, voluntarily, without any irrelevant influence, violence, constraint or deceit, as well as without any adverse circumstances or situations of extreme need.

I am informed that the payment cards ordered via web-site of the Bank but not used by med within a one-month period shall be subject to closure and destruction.

The present Application states my intentions, expressed in sober mind. I have no health-related problems, which could have hindered the full understanding of this Application. I am not deluded and fully realize the role and meaning of my actions. I am not constrained in capacity.

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