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ARARATBANK Internship #Challenge․ Facebook contest for students

ARARATBANK Internship #Challenge․ Facebook contest for students

ARARATBANK holds an ARARATBANK Internship #Challenge contest on its official Facebook page. The contest aims at providing students with an opportunity to undertake internship in the preferred subdivision of ARARATBANK. To join the contest, you should follow the terms and conditions below:

• Like the Bank’s Facebook page,
• Mention in the comment field the reason they want to undertake #internship in ARARATBANK,
• Send ❤ through a private message to the Bank’s Facebook page, specifying the higher educational institution, faculty, course.

Three students who will meet all the terms and conditions of the contest and provide the best comments will be considered winners by the Bank’s Contest Committee.  

Contest deadline:  15.11.19-25.12.19

Should you wish to learn more about the contest, you are free to call at 010 59 23 23 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or  write us through the official Facebook page.

We wish success to all participants.

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