Investing in government bonds

ARARATBANK is a chosen agent of the Ministry of Finance of RA in a medium term and long term bonds market and dealer in the market of short term bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance of RA and Central Bank.

ARARATBANK offers intermediary and safekeeping services in the government bonds market of RA. Bonds are issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia and the Central Bank on behalf of the Republic of Armenia and are secured by the entire resources of the government. RA government bonds are the only bonds, that are not taxed by an income tax.

Both legal entities and individuals can purchase the bonds.

actively participates both in the primary and in the secondary bonds markets. Bank implements operations for its clients in the primary and secondary bond markets based on the signed contract and in accordance with the customers' applications. For those, who are not bank's clients, bank implements operations (purchase and sale of government bonds) based on contract signed with the bank. In accordance with the safekeeping contract signed between client and the bank, bank implements safekeeping operations, realizes opening and servicing of the safekeeping accounts for the purpose of bonds accounting. Safekeeping operations including tariffs for operation with the bonds and service of safekeeping accounts are set in accordance with the contract.


Visit head office of ARARATBANK (Yerevan, Pushkin str. 19) or call 54-79-35, 54-79-36 and our specialists will assist you in making the most profitable investments.

In case of any discrepancies between the two language versions of the published information, the Armenian version shall prevail.