Investment in the corporate bonds market





Twelfth issue

Main terms and conditions

Securities class

Nominal coupon

Securities form


Par value per security

AMD 10 000

Number of securities

40 000

Total volume of one issue

AMD 400 000 000

Coupon yield (nominal interest rate of bonds) 

13,00% per annum, to be calculated on the day following the day the placement has been completed  

Payment of coupon yield

Quarterly coupon payment


24 months

Placement period


Be informed that the bond issue prospectus was registered at CBA on 06/07/2016. 

Corporate bonds may be acquired either at ARARATBANK OJSC Head Office or branches between 11/07/2016 and 22/07/2016. Starting bond listing, the bonds will be in turnover on the secondary market, particularly on the trading platform of NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA OJSC stock exchange.   

To acquire bonds, it is necessary to open personal accounts in the companies having been issued a status of an account operator by the Central Depository of Armenia OJSC, in ARARATBANK OJSC or any other bank operating on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. By investing in corporate bonds, you will be able to receive not only the invested amount by selling the bonds at any time when in circulation but also to get the accrued interests.            

Pursuant to RA law on "Guarantee of remuneration of bank deposits of physical persons” the funds attracted through nominal bonds, issued by the Bank, shall be deemed guaranteed bank deposits and are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.    

Maturity date: 23.07.2018



Payment of coupon yield of ARARATBANK OJSC twelfth-issue bonds as well as repayment thereof will be made based on the following time schedule

Coupon yield first payment


Coupon yield second payment


Coupon yield third payment


Coupon yield fourth payment


Coupon yield fifth payment


Coupon yield sixth payment


Coupon yield seventh payment


Coupon yield eighth payment


If the day of coupon yield payment coincides with non-working day, payment will be made on the following working day.

Payment of coupon yield as well as transfer of the repayment amount shall be made to the bondholders’ bank accounts mentioned in the statement of the bondholder registry received from the Central Depository of Armenia OJSC by 14:00 of the payment of coupon yield of bonds as well as maturity date. Coupon yield as well as the repayment amount shall be paid as of 18:00 of the working day preceding the payment day in the Central Depository of Armenia OJSC based on the list of the registered bondholders, to the bank accounts of bondholders in ARARATBANK OJSC or other banks.

Please refer to the bond issue prospectus for more detailed information on bonds and the Bank, registered by CBA on 06.07.2016.




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