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Speed, convenience, safety and profitability - these are the traits that follows each man, who is willing to receive/transfer money from/to their relatives, friends, and business partners.

We offer almost all well-known and prestigious fast money transfer systems. Choose any remittance system that ARARATBANK offers, visit ARARATBANK head office or any of its branches from 9:00 till 16:30 and transfer your money in a fast, safe and profitable way.

What should you know to execute fast money transfers through international fast remittance systems?

Notification on fast remittances


Receipt of remittances via a phone call.


 Dear customers if you want to save your time and make use of quality banking services without visiting the Bank, then the very offer of ARARATBANK is for you. Once you make a phone call and give an oral instruction, remittances will be credited to your card account in a few minutes. If the currency of remittance differs from the currency of your card account, the amount will be converted to the currency you have mentioned at the exchange rate fixed at the Bank and credited to the specified card account thereafter. 


Attention: The service of receipt of remittances via Call Centre is not applicable for MoneyGram transfers.


Service terms and conditions

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact ARARATBANK OJSC Call Center at (37410) 59-23-23.