Take our good advice - use your money wisely!

ARARATBANK offers reliably guaranteed deposits. We also offer a line of credit of up to 95 % of the deposited amount at an interest rate of 14 % per annum and a no annual fee MasterCard Standard.

Deposits with ARARATBANK are also guaranteed by the "Deposits Compensation Guarantee Fund"..

IIt is very important for ARARATBANK that you manage your free resources in the best way possible, get extra lawful earnings and feel secure. ARARATBANK’s activities, financial figures, reputation and public recognition can make it real.

If depositors get a plastic card and monthly interests are transferred on the card account, they will also get an interest income accrued on the positive balance of the card account at the rates applicable for the particular card. To recover the card in case of a loss the DEPOSITOR shall pay an amount at the applicable rates for the particular card.

The ARARATBANK is not entitled to unilaterally decrease the interest rate for the deposit amount placed by the DEPOSITOR on the condition of getting it back at maturity unless otherwise provided by the agreement.

Funds paid by a third party may also be entered on the deposit account of the DEPOSITOR with a specification of details of the deposit account, unless otherwise provided by the agreement.

The DEPOSITOR is entitled to deposit the funds at the ARARATBANK in the name of some third party as provided by the agreement.

The BANK does not bear any responsibility for the contents, accuracy and validity of information on the linked websites, any advertisements placed thereon, and the possible consequences of using that information.

In case of any discrepancies between the two language versions of the published information, the Armenian version shall prevail.