Visa Classic

Visa Classic
Visa Classic is a multifunctional payment tool, which is accepted all over the world at any service point with Visa logotype - ATMs, real and internet shops, as well as shops rendering services through phones and post offices. Additionally you can make use of credit line possibility, block your card and get information on the system through 24-hour Visa information center.

Visa Classic card is envisaged for those customers who have great experience of using banking services. :

Visa Classic is issued for a 2-year period.

Upon getting familiarized with types of ARARATBANK cards, maintenance rules and rates, the Customer may choose any type of card by submitting copies of passport and social security card and fill in the APPLICATION for the specific type of card and make payments as per the applicable rates of the Bank.

The Bank shall issue the card in 3 (three) banking days.

The customer shall get the card upon availability of passport and social security card.

When receiving the Card the Cardholder shall:

-Sign on the backside of the Card
-Sign the agreement and the notification
-Sign in the space intended for the PIN code

The following will be provided with each card:

-Bank Card maintenance and usage rules
-ATM user guide
-A booklet

The issued plastic card and the card account shall be active from the moment the card has been issued.
Issuance and maintenance fees of International Visa Classic plastic cards

Card terms and service fees

**Amount limits are subject to change on the basis of cardholders’ application


Due dates for crediting funds to card accounts:
-Funds credited to accounts till 9.30 on each business day may be withdrawn at 12:00 on the same business day.
-Funds credited to accounts till 9.30-16.30 on each business day may be withdrawn at 18:00 on the same business day.
-Funds credited to accounts from 16:30 on each business day till 9.30 of the next business day may be withdrawn at 12:00 on the next business day.
-Certain deviations from the mentioned dates might occur due to overload of the processing center as e.g. on the first business day of each month. :


In case of typing your PIN incorrectly three times ATM will automatically confiscate it. In case of confiscation of your card you have to apply immediately to the bank, which owns the ATM or you can give a call to ARARATBANK on the following numbers - 54 79 58, 54 63 63.

When you get your card you have to put your signature in a corresponding field. The lack of signature or its mismatch to the original one is a legitimate basis for rejecting to implement an operation with your card and for confiscating it.

PIN code is a necessary option for getting cash from ATMs and for carrying out operations in POS terminals.

If you lost your card or for any reason it was confiscated by ATM you must immediately inform ARARATBANK about the loss of your card by calling on the following numbers - 54 79 58, 54 63 63 or ArCa payment system center - 44 03 80.

While executing transactions in USD, EUR and AMD through Visa system cards issued by ARARATBANK, Bank exchange rate as of the transaction date shall be applied while calculating transaction amount, transactions in other currency shall be calculated following Visa system rules.

Cardholders may make a complaint on transactions reflected on the statement within 30 days after they have received the statement. The statement shall be deemed agreed with a cardholder if the latter has presented no objection during the mentioned period. Any claims raised by the cardholder, the latter shall apply to ARARATBANK head office or any of its branches with passport and fill in the transaction complaint, after which the Bank shall carry out relevant examination and submit written substantiation on accepting or rejecting the complaint no later than within 60 days after the complaint has been received.


Commission fee charged for cash withdrawals from ARARATBANK POS terminals by cards issued by other banks

2% of withdrawn amount

SMS service

terms and conditions

*SMS on card expiry

*SMS on loan or overdraft expiry date upon customer request

*SMS on the deduction date and amount of the line of credit or overdraft upon customer request

*SMS on annual service fee

*SMS on the monthly repayment of loan or overdraft upon customer request




    AMD 30.00

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