ArCa Pension

Under the signed agreement pensioners are provided an opportunity to receive their pensions through ARARATBANK ArCa Pension payment card.

ArCa Pension payment card is a plastic card of ArCa system to be issued to pensioners free of charge. This mode of pension payment will provide you with a number of opportunities:

Convenience – transferred funds can be immediately withdrawn from ARARATBANK ATMs or in any branch free of charge. Please be informed that ARARATBANK branch network includes 44 branches and owns 69 ATMs;
Savingup to 50% discount in more than 100 trade and service outlets, dental clinics and hospitals;
New and nice design, new advantage – 5% discount in GEDEON RICHTER pharmacy chain;
Moreover, up to 3% per annum will accrue on the positive balance of the card account.

High-quality service - our professional specialists will be glad to answer all your questions.

To obtain ArCa pension card and receive pension in non-cash form:

1.visit ARARATBANK head office or any of its branches with passport, social security card and pension book,
2.submit copies of documents together with an application form to the relevant specialist and obtain ArCa Pension payment card within maximum 3 (three) business days,
3.submit the card, once you receive it, to the territorial center of state social security service in your place of residence, fill in the application specifying the name of ARARATBANK and number of the card account.

Pensioners must personally visit the Bank once a year or submit a notarized document testifying their well-being.

ArCa Pension card terms and service fees

GEDEON RICHTER pharmacy addresses




Commission fee charged for cash withdrawals from ARARATBANK POS terminals by cards issued by other banks

2% of withdrawn amount

SMS service

terms and conditions

*SMS on card expiry

*SMS on loan or overdraft expiry date upon customer request

*SMS on the deduction date and amount of the line of credit or overdraft upon customer request

*SMS on annual service fee

*SMS on the monthly repayment of loan or overdraft upon customer request




    AMD 30.00


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