ArCa Junior

ArCa Junior is a local card with an original design for students. With ArCa Junior card you can make fast and secure payments in the trade and service outlets, withdraw cash from ATMs, register at and execute numerous transactions by your virtual card.
Making purchases in over 100 trade and service outlets of ARARATBANK discount network and paying by ArCa Junior plastic card, you will enjoy discounts and save your funds. Moreover, up to 2% per annum will accrue on the positive balance of the card account.

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ArCa Junior card terms and service fees




Commission fee charged for cash withdrawals from ARARATBANK POS terminals by cards issued by other banks

2% of withdrawn amount


SMS service

terms and conditions

*SMS on card expiry

*SMS on loan or overdraft expiry date upon customer request

*SMS on the deduction date and amount of the line of credit or overdraft upon customer request

*SMS on annual service fee

*SMS on the monthly repayment of loan or overdraft upon customer request




    AMD 30.00


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