Car-backed overdrafts via MasterCard Standard, Visa Classic

Overdrafts via MC STANDARD and VISA CLASSIC for the purpose of acquiring or pledging Russian or foreign-made vehicles  



RA citizens and residents aged 22. The age shall not exceed 55 

Co-borrower + guarantor

RA citizens and residents aged 22. The age shall not exceed 55 




The vehicle to be purchased or pledged**

Maximum loan amount

USD 50.000

Maximum loan maturity

60 months – for foreign cars

48 months – for Russian cars

Annual interest rate


Loan-to-value ratio

(liquidation value, and upon acquisition from the primary market, the value of invoice issued by vendor shall be considered as basis)

1.Foreign cars:

2004-2010 inclusive – up to 50%

2011-2015 inclusive – up to 60%

2016 – up to 70% (including from primary market)

Over 2016 – up to 80% (including from primary market)

2.Russian cars:

2010-2012 inclusive – up to 30%

2013-2015 inclusive – up to 40%

2016 and over – up to 50% (including from primary market)

Loan and interest repayments

Monthly, annuity

No penalties for premature repayment shall be applied

Loan disbursement mode


Penalty on past-due interest  

0.07% per day

Penalty on past-due loan

0.06% per day

Annual interest rate on past-due loan amount   

Annual interest rate stipulated by credit agreement 

Requirements to the Borrower’s and co-borrowers’ credit history

Lack of classified liabilities within 24 months prior to submitting a loan application (except for redeemed guarantee). Total of past-due days shall not exceed 40 days    

Loan application consideration fee

AMD 5000

Front end fee

0.2% of the loan to be disbursed, minimum AMD 10.000 

Credit rating

1.Debt-to-income maximum ratio 35% (monthly repayment of the given loan/borrower’s and co-borrower’s or guarantor’s income)

2. Total debt-to-income maximum ratio 45% (all liabilities of the borrower, co-borrower or guarantor / borrower’s and co-borrower’s or guarantor’s income)

Non-taxable income shall be taken as basis.

Minimum consumer basket shall not be calculated.


Mandatory, every year.

Insurance of the pledged car – in the amount of outstanding loan (loan limit)


SMS service

terms and conditions

*SMS on card expiry

*SMS on loan or overdraft expiry date upon customer request

*SMS on the deduction date and amount of the line of credit or overdraft upon customer request

*SMS on annual service fee

*SMS on the monthly repayment of loan or overdraft upon customer request




    AMD 30.00

* Collateral shall be appraised by one of the independent appraisal companies cooperating with the bank.                                                    

**The following car models are acceptable for the Bank - Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ford, KIA, Honda, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Opel, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Lada.