Online overdraft and conditions

Overdrafts disbursed through electronic applications
Borrower  RA citizens and residents aged (twenty-two)
Overdraft currency USD
Annual interest rate At 16% (sixteen). If the customer gets their salary by ARARATBANK plastic card already for 3 (three) months, the overdraft shall be disbursed at 1% lower than the effective interest rate.
Overdraft maximum amount Up to threefold of the salary, however, not exceeding USD 1000 (one thousand).
Overdraft maturity 24 months
Overdraft disbursement mode By payment card
Card type MC Standard USD or Visa Classic USD
Effective period of the card 24 months
Annual service fee of the card AMD 4.000
Interest repayments Monthly
Overdraft repayments Even amortization
Annual interest rate on past-due overdraft amount CBA settlement interest rate
Penalty on past-due interest Daily 0.3%
Penalty on past-due overdraft Daily 0.2%
Requirements to the Borrower’s credit history The Borrower must not have past-due/classified liabilities 24 months prior to the day the loan application is submitted and the total of past due days must not exceed 30 days.
Required documents 1.Any of the following documents mentioned below:

a. Passport,
b. Identification document,

If the identification document is not an identification card, one of the documents mentioned below shall be presented as well:

a. Social security card (if the borrower does not have this document, they must present a relevant reference or commitment to present the social security card),
b. Reference on public service registration number issue.

2. Employment refernce in compliance with the file attached.

The form of the Reference presented to the bank

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SMS service

terms and conditions

* card expiry

* loan or overdraft maturity upon customer request

* (line of credit) overdraft repayment date and amount drawn from the account  upon customer request   

* annual service fee

* loan or overdraft monthly repayment  upon customer request




    AMD 30.00