Home Classic”

 “Home Classic” consumer overdraft by payment cards

Terms and conditions


RA citizen and resident individual aged 20(twenty), whose age shall not exceed 55 (fifty-five)  

Overdraft currency


Overdraft maximum maturity

36 months

Overdraft annual interest rate


Overdraft minimum and maximum amount

Min. AMD 50.000

Max. AMD 400. 000

Overdraft disbursement mode


The overdraft can be used only in non-cash form for making payments in trade, food, service and other similar outlets excluding the usage of overdraft by applying a card (from ATM, other POS terminals) or without using a card (transfer from a card account to another card account or other type of account, executing transactions in the internet environment, cash-out from card account). 

Card type

ArCa Classic

Interest repayments


Overdraft repayments

Straight-line depreciation

Annual interest rate on past due overdraft principle 

Annual interest rate stipulated by the credit agreement

Penalty on past due interest 

0.07%  daily

Penalty on past due principle  

0.06% daily

Overdraft premature repayment

No penalties/fines shall be applied in case of premature repayment

Effective period of payment card 

36 months

Service fee of payment card  (for the whole period)

AMD 6 000

The fee shall be charged once at the point of ordering a card

Requirements to the Borrower’s credit history  

Lack of past-due or classified liabilities (except for repaid guarantees) within 24 months prior to submitting a loan application with total of past due days not exceeding 30 days


Front-end fee

2% of the disbursed overdraft amount, min. AMD 3000, charged once on the day the overdraft is disbursed

Required documents

Passport and social security card

Reference on the position held, salary and work experience at the given company