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Overdrafts for ARARATTRANSFER club members

Overdrafts for ARARATTRANSFER club members


Overdrafts are designed for ARARATTRANSFER club members and are disbursed by Diners Club Young Professional plastic cards.

  • Maximum amount


  • Period

    24 months

  • Interest rate


  • Currency




Borrower ARARATTRANSFER Club Platinum, Gold & Silver member
Overdraft currency USD
Annual interest rate


GOLD  11%


Overdraft maximum amount PLATINUM USD 5.000

GOLD  USD 3.000 


Overdraft maturity 24 months
Overdraft disbursement mode By payment card
Card type




Card effective period 24 months
Cash withdrawal from ATMs and POS terminals of ARARATBANK OJSC 1%
Annual service fee of the payment card   Free
Interest repayments Monthly
Overdraft repayments Equal amortization
Penalty on past-due interest 0.07% daily
Penalty on past-due principle 0.06% daily
Requirements to the credit history of the Borrower Lack of past-due liabilities within 24 months prior to submitting the loan application. As for repaid liabilities, the loan must be at least classified as watched and the total of past-due liabilities shall not exceed 30 days.  

Attention: Loan interest rates shall accrue based on the nominal interest rate, while the effective annual interest rate shall show how much the loan will cost to you in case interests and other mandatory payments with regards to loan disbursement and service are repaid in due amounts and specified timelines.

The effective annual interest rate may change depending on the change of the exchange rate value published on the official website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.

Where the loan is disbursed in foreign currency, changes in exchange rate may affect the loan repayments

Required documents
  • Passport 
  • Social security card
Useful information

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Where you fail to perform your obligations either fully or partially, the Lender shall send those data to the credit bureau within a three-day period, where your credit history is generated. You shall have the right to obtain your credit history from the bureau free of charge. Attention: A bad credit history may hinder lending in the future.

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Loan amount


Annual interest rate

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