ARARAT-DEALING is modern trade and information system.

ARARAT-DEALING provides all participants of financial market with possibility regardless of their location, without loss of time, through PC or cell phone of implementing any operation on foreign currency purchase and sale based on rates set by ARARATBANK within the range of account balances in AMD and foreign currencies of the bank. 

ARARAT-DEALING newest system is a tool designed with the help of the bank's software for formalization and exchange of electronic documents, which will provide the process of effecting exchange and monetary deals between customers and the bank.

ARARAT-DEALING multifunctional system offers competitive exchange rates to all of its customers as well as a possibility of getting acquainted with financial news and working with the help of electronic tools with other customers connected to ARARAT-DEALING.

ARARAT-DEALING is a system with high protection level based on internet connection which was programmed by the team of professionals.

In case of any discrepancies between the two language versions of the published information, the Armenian version shall prevail.