ARARATBANK completes the placement of seventeenth-issue usd-denominated bonds

On the 2nd of March 2018, ARARATBANK OJSC completed the IPO of the seventeenth-issue USD-denominated bonds.   

Due to high demand for the bonds, placement took 1 month all in all instead of the planned 2.5 months.    

The issuing volume made USD 8,000,000 at annual yield of 5.25% percent and a maturity of 51 months. Bonds were acquired by 260 individuals and 4 legal entities. In terms of the volume, individuals made 68.0% and legal entities made 32.0% of investors.   

Bonds will be listed at NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA Stock Exchange within 10 business days, ensuring free circulation.  

In addition, six USD-denominated and two AMD-denominated bonds — previously issued by ARARATBANK OJSC — are currently in circulation, which are quoted at NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA Stock Exchange.         

Pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On Guarantee of Remuneration of Bank Deposits of Physical Persons” funds attracted via nominal bonds, issued by the Bank, shall be deemed guaranteed bank deposits and are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.