We hereby inform that on the 23rd of February, 2018 ARARATBANK successfully placed 300 thousand nominal coupon bonds of the National Mortgage Company RCO CJSC with a total volume of AMD 3 billion, annual yield of 8.3%, maturity period of 3 years, of which 270,000 were placed on the platform of initial public offering of NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA OJSC and the rest of 30000 was sold to the market maker through manual transaction in compliance with the Bonds Issue Prospectus.    

It is worth mentioning that the total demand from 6 members of the Stock Exchange for 270 thousand bonds made AMD 6.0 billion via the placement system of NASDAQ OMX ARMENIA OJSC . The bonds were totally placed, as a result of which the Company attracted AMD 2.712 billion. Weighted average yield of the placed bonds made 8.13%. On the same day the market maker acquired the rest of 30 thousand bonds for AMD 301.3 million.   

Go to this link for more information about placement.