ARARATBANK places seventeenth-issue bonds


ARARATBANK places 320,000 nominal, undocumented coupon bonds in the total volume of USD 8,000,000 at par value of USD 25, annual yield of 5.25% percent and a maturity of 51 months.  

Investing in ARARATBANK bonds, you will be provided an opportunity to use your funds efficiently.

Unlike term deposits, this mode of investing your financial funds will enable you to sell the bonds at any time in circulation and — where there are no sharp fluctuations of market interest rates — gain both the invested amount and accrued interests (yields).

Investments made by individuals in ARARATBANK bonds guided by  the terms and limits set forth for bank deposits shall be guaranteed by Deposit Guarantee Fund.

You may acquire ARARATBANK bonds in the Head Office and branches thereof between 22.01.2018 - 06.04.2018 inclusive by 16:00.

Follow this link to go through the terms and conditions of the seventeenth-issue bonds of ARARATBANK OJSC.  

Follow this link for the prices of the bonds to be placed in the upcoming week.