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First educational bank ever to be established in Armenia

The Memorandum of Cooperation signed between ARARATBANK and Gladzor University today laid a foundation for a new model of cooperation between employer and university. The purpose of one more memorandum signed by ARARATBANK in the field of education is to improve the teaching quality in economic specialties.

"It is much easier to get theoretical knowledge than use it in practice. In this regard, we will try to assist our students by creating an educational bank jointly with ARARATBANK, which will completely enable the students to apply theoretical knowledge in practice," said Gladzor University Rector Zhora Jhangiryan at the solemn ceremony of signing the Memorandum.

The Chairman of the Executive Board Ashot Osipyan, highlighting practical experience as well, mentioned that a new model of cooperation was being shaped in the relations between employer and university. "The Memorandum has two key components. Firstly, a so-called educational bank will be created in the university, where students will get an insight into all banking services – starting from cashback operations and ending with risk management and marketing. The best specialists of the bank will share complete knowledge of neobanking with students through practical training. The second component is to draft and implement a joint educational program for the Bachelor degree in banking," pointed out A. Osipyan.

Joint scientific researches will be carried out, symposiums, conferences, master classes as well as educational and practical training will be organized and held within the framework of the memorandum.


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