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If your business requires an increase in production volumes, fixed asset upgrade, acquisition of new equipment, then AraratLeasing is the effective solution to your issue.

No additional collateral is required, and the fixed assets can be purchased from both resident and non-resident suppliers.

  • Maturity


  • Currency

    AMD, USD, Euro

Terms and conditions

The lease is provided at the head office.

Lessee Legal entity or individual entrepreneur, natural person engaged in agricultural activities
Lease object
You can find out in the "List of fixed assets" section
Lease currency AMD, USD, EUR
Lease amount AMD 5,000,001 – 500,000,000 or foreign currency equivalent
Lease term 6-84 months
Lease interest rate * AMD - from 15%, USD – from 9%, EUR – from 8%
Lease advance payment (from final cost of lease object) **

Lease for purchase of solar photovoltaic plants and water heaters - from 10%.

Lease for properties acquired from primary market - from 20%.

Lease for properties acquired from secondary market - from 30%

Lease and interest rate repayment mode Annuity or equal principal payments
Application processing fee AMD 10,000
Lease package preparation and servicing fee 0.5% of lease agreement value
Lease object insurance 1. Insurance of property to be transferred (undertaken at the time of property transfer)
2. CASCO or physical damage and loss insurance (mandatory, annual, at least in the amount of lease balance)
Penalty on past-due liabilities (principal and/or interest) 0.13% daily
Early repayment charge For early repayment before half the term of lease maturity, penalty applies in the amount of 3% of principal to be repaid on top of principal specified in leasing repayment schedule

* Depends on amount and term of lease, type of lease object, amount of advance payment made by customer, lease currency, field of use of lease object, type of supplier (resident or non-resident).

** Depends on amount and term of lease, type of lease object, lease currency, field of use of lease object, type of supplier (resident or non-resident).

Attention: Lease interest rates shall be calculated based on nominal interest rate, while the effective annual interest rate shall show how much the lease will cost you if interests and other mandatory payments with regards to lease provision and servicing are paid in due amounts and specified timelines. 

The effective annual interest rate may change depending on the change of the exchange rate value published on the official website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.

Where the lease is provided in foreign currency, changes in exchange rate may affect the lease repayments.

Required documents
  • Original lease application form,
  • Passport and social security card or ID card of founders, participants, director, guarantor(s),
  • State Register reference,
  • Charter (copy),
  • Certificate of ownership or property rental contract (copy),
  • License (for activities subject to license) (copy),
  • Summary calculations on types of taxes paid for the previous 12 months (copy),
  • Profit tax calculation (copy),
  • Proforma invoice or commercial offer from suppliers (copy/photocopy),
  • Contracts on enquiries to "ACRA Credit Reporting" CJSC made by the applicant and guarantor/s (original);
  • Bank account movement for the previous 12 months (copy),
  • Other documents upon request.


List of fixed assets

Leasing of transport facilities 

Passenger vehicles

  • Cabs
  • Service vehicle
  • Delivery vehicle


  • Dumper
  • Refrigerated trailer
  • Trucks

Construction machinery

  • crane
  • lifting crane
  • concrete mixer
  • water carrier
  • building equipment

Tourist vehicles

  • bus
  • minibus
  • coach

Leasing of  of equipment

Equipment for industry and power engineering

  • assembly line 
  • mini factories 
  • printing equipment 
  • generators and turbines 
  • other specialized equipment

Medical equipment

  • dental chairs and equipment 
  • diagnostic and preventive equipment
  • other medical equipment

Means of trade and service

  • equipment for supermarkets 
  • equipment for restaurants and kitchen 
  • other equipment

ARARATBANK finances acquisition of the following real estate

  • Public real estate leasing (trade and service areas, hairdressing saloons, public food areas, office areas, areas for execution of financial transactions and delivery of other services) 
  • Commercial real estate leasing (plants, factories and storehouses)




Useful information

1. The lessee shall pay at least 20% down payment of the initial value of the lease object, as well as 20% of the total payments made by the Bank regarding shipping of the lease object, including loading, unloading and customs clearance. The latter also refers to the payments made by the Bank prior to handover of the lease object. 

2. The Lessee may acquire the lease object from the Bank within the lease period, by paying the outstanding amount and accrued interests of the total value of the financial leasing as of that point. 

3. If the Lease Agreement is terminated and the lease object is purchased prematurely, the customer shall not pay any fines or penalties. 

4. The lease object shall be subject to compulsory insurance in the total value of the lease object for the whole period of the Lease Agreement. 

5. As soon as the lease period expires, the property shall be handed to the customer with ownership right. 

6. If the lessee has any past due payments, a penalty of 0.13% shall be accrued over the past due amount for each past due day.

7. Property collateral and guarantee shall serve as additional security for leasing obligations assumed by the Lessee


Your property (house, vehicle, or other) may be confiscated in the manner provided for by law where you fail to repay your interests and principal in time.

Where you fail to perform your obligations either fully or partially, the Lender shall send those data to the credit bureau within a three-day period, where your credit history is generated. You shall have the right to obtain your credit history from the bureau free of charge. Attention: A bad credit history may hinder lending in the future. 

You have the right to communicate with a financial institution of your choice by post or e-mail. Receiving information electronically is the most convenient option. It is available 24/7, free from the risks of loss of paper information and ensures privacy.

The bank may request additional documents or other information based on the "Know your customer" principle, as well as ask additional questions during oral communication, for the purpose of due diligence of the customer defined by the RA Law "On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing". 

In accordance with the agreement signed with the USA based on the Compliance Act (FATCA), the financial organization may collect additional information to determine whether you are a US taxpayer.

Loan/leasing amount


Annual interest rate

All fields are required to be filled out and must not contain 0.

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