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ARARATBANK provides an opportunity to its much more active customers making use of international trade finance tools /documentary and stand-by letters of credit, guarantees and documentary collection/ as well as to the new customers interested in this field to take part in the online course on international trade finance free of charge.    

The course, developed under the Trade Facilitation Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), is designed for self-study of international trade finance instruments via internet in an online mode. The course is specifically worked out for importers and exporters as well as for private entrepreneurs. During the short e-course, the users can learn about the main forms of international settlements, understand the advantages and convenience of the use of documentary letters of credit, get information about the details of the use of guarantees, go through the main documents and learn about the management of international trade risks through application of documentary instruments as well as about Incoterms 2010.

To take part in the course and in case of any related questions, please call the Leading Specialist of the International Operations Department of ARARATBANK OJSC  +374 10 547983

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