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Investment bags

Investment bags

Investment bag is a securities portfolio which contains corporate bonds of various maturities and yields that are issued by different organizations in the Republic of Armenia. As an alternative to deposits, recommended investment bags, in addition to a possibility of diversification of funds, have the advantages listed below:

1․ Weighted average yield of the bag overrides the interest rate of bank deposit at similar currency and maturity at least by 0.5 percentage points;

2․ Customers are provided an opportunity to submit the bonds contained in the bag to the Bank for buyback by maturity and get back the initial amount (by deducting received interests);

3․ Customers are provided an opportunity to get overdraft secured by the bonds contained in the investment bag at the currency of the bonds up to 95% of the nominal value of bonds, nominal yield of bond + 2% nominal interest rate.  

Please, note that the maximum amount to be invested in the bag makes AMD 50,000,000 or equivalent currency.

Follow this link to get an insight into the recommended investment bags.

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