Concierge Service

One call, many opportunities…
ARARATBANK offers a new and a high-level Concierge Service to its customers. The Bank takes care of your convenience and saves your time. Our qualified specialists will assist you in getting information and consultation on services you are interested in, as well as in placing orders.


You may make use of Concierge Service free of charge, if:

  • you are MC GOLD and VISA GOLD cardholder and the average monthly turnover of the specified cards within the last 6 (six) months has totaled minimum USD 10.000 (ten thousand) or EUR 9.000 (nine thousand) or AMD equivalent, or
  • you have a line of credit of minimum USD 30.000 (thirty thousand) (EUR or AMD equivalent) through MC GOLD and VISA GOLD issued by the Bank, or
  • you have a deposit of USD 50.000 (fifty thousand) (EUR or AMD equivalent) with minimum maturity of 6 (six) months with the Bank.

Concierge Service enables its customers

Կոնսիերժ Սերվիսը (Concierge service) հաճախորդներին հնարավորություն է ընձեռում
to get consultations on flights of all airlines operating in the Republic of Armenia before leaving on a trip and after getting consultation book necessary air tickets via the airline one gives preference to. After making payment for the ticket through plastic card, get your ticket via e-mail.
To get information on car rental in the Republic of Armenia and reserve with up to seven-seater cars, minibuses, limousines and trucks.
To get information on conditions of hotels operating in the Republic of Armenia, make room reservations and place orders for stand-up meals and other parties.
To get information on restaurants operating in the Republic of Armenia and reserve tables.
To get information on the list of theatrical performances and films shown in the cinemas operating in the Republic of Armenia, as well as book tickets
To get information on gift, souvenir and antique shops operating in the Republic of Armenia

All services mentioned above are also delivered abroad.