ARARATBANK is one of the leaders in the field of the international trade finance. It is already two years the Bank has been recognized as the most active issuing bank in Armenian within TFP program.

The bank offers its customers a number of ITF solutions, which will assist in executing external trade transactions, save funds and minimize current risks.

Due to the individual approach, the team of experts offers the funding option, which best suits the customer interests.

International trade finance

Documentary letter of credit

The letter of credit is a mode of payment, widely used in the international trade. In this case the customer’s (purchaser’s) bank is obliged to transfer amount to the customer’s account for the supply of goods or services provided, if the supplier submits the documents specified in the letter of credit and meets the requirements.

Description of letter of credit

The rates for documentary letters of credit

List of required documents for documentary letter of credit

Bank guarantee

The Bank guarantee secures performance of obligations. It is a written commitment, issued by the Bank upon request of the borrower (principal), under which the Bank is obliged to pay a certain amount to the principal’s lender (beneficiary) upon a written request of the latter.

Description of bank guarantee

The rates for bank guarantee 

List of required documents for bank guarantee

Documentary collection

The documentary collection is a mode of payment in the international trade. In this case the Bank is obliged to receive the funds sent to the latter’s account for the supply of goods or services provided in compliance with the customer’s (seller’s) order or the Bank does not assume any payment obligations, but takes the role of the sender of documents instead.

Description of documentary collection

The rates for documentary collection

Trade finance revolving short-term loans (RCA) This tool is intended for the importers and exporters who face  temporary  working capital issues. The loans are disbursed at affordable interest rates,with maturity  from 6  to 18 months.

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