“Term” deposits for legal persons


We offer our options for placing term deposits to every legal entity
Currency Types of deposit Annual percent
Term deposits
period of 45-90 days
AMD   4.00 %
USD   0.50 %
period of 91-180 days
AMD   5.50 %
USD   1.50 %
period of 181-270 days
AMD   6.50 %
USD   2.50 %
period of 271-365 days
AMD   8.25 %
USD   3.50 %
period of 366-546 days
AMD   8.50 %
USD   4.25 %
546 days and more
USD   contractual
- Accumulated interest is not added to the deposit amount.
Interest rates for deposits of AMD 80,000,000 and over or equivalent in foreign currency shall be set by agreement.
In case of requirement for the deposit return before the end of the deposit contract, depositor receives amount on the deposit and the interest calculated at the rate of the annual interest rate set for on-demand deposits by the bank to that date.

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