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ASG mobile application

ASG mobile application


ARARATBANK SERVICE GUIDE (the ASG) was designed to make people’s everyday life much more simple and convenient.

It is an advisory and guiding system, which enables customers to queue in advance in any branch of the Bank by getting the geolocation of branches.

This application is designed for everyone and requires no registration. 

The application can be downloaded from Google Play and/or AppStore. 

With the help of application you can
  • Select the nearest branch. the system shows the distance between your location and branch and provides its' distance. With the help of the application you can select 3 branches near you. You can also see all the ATMs and terminals located from the mentioned branches till your location. 
  • Select the time of your visit. You have the option of choosing any working day and hour from 5 minutes and 10 minutes in order to visit the branch.
  • Fixed a queue at the branch. With the help of this service you can fix queues in Bank branches. 
  • Order a call. By specifying your phone number our specialists will contact you.
  • Send and receive messages 24/7. You can send messages to the Bank and receive answers 24/7 through the Application.

Attention: In case of choosing a "cash" service, you only need to enter the amount and currency in order to verify the amount of cash in the branch.

In order to use the application there is need to have
  • Internet availability
  • Location resolution 
  • Message sending permission
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