Corporate style


In October 2007 ARARATBANK presented itself to its customers in a new corporate style. A restyling policy was elaborated for ARARATBANK which involved a new logo of the Bank and new corporate colors.

Adoption of the restyling policy was conditioned by the development trends the Bank had, and the new image, the new strategic plan that ARARATBANK was going to use during the several years to follow.

The new logo of ARARATBANK pictures two pointed peaks directed upwards which symbolize Mount Ararat, and also emphasize that it is ARARATBANK's strategy to maintain continuous development and uplift. The peaks directed upwards denote that ARARATBANK's team is making every effort for ARARATBANK to have a leading position in the banking sector for the well-being and improvement of living standards of its customers, shareholders, employees, and all citizens of Armenia in general.

New colors of ARARATBANK, wine-red and silver, symbolize the combination of sensible ambitions and nobility. That means that ARARATBANK has adopted principles which induce sensible and ambitious targets with decent motivations.