ARARATBANK's mission is to render up-to-date, proficient and high-quality banking services using latest banking technologies and creating unique business culture in bank-client relations.

Ensuring public activities, being available and transparent for any member of society, ARARATBANK considers itself as a reliable guardian of every customer's savings and cash resources.

Being one of the most dynamically developing banks of the banking system of Armenia, enlarging branch network and range of rendered banking services, participating in large international credit programs, increasing crediting of the real sector of economy, taking special place in bond, mortgage and consumer crediting markets and in the field of deposit policy, tightening relations with European international organizations, developing partnership with the international major banks and financial institutions, highly estimating value system of corporate governance, professional skills, abilities and human qualities of all of its employees, ARARATBANK is aimed to take a leading position in the banking system of Armenia to improve welfare and scale of living of all its customers, shareholders, personnel, in other words all the citizens of RA.
In case of any discrepancies between the two language versions of the published information, the Armenian version shall prevail.